Additions, Renovations, Raze & Rebuild
by Ketmar Development

At Ketmar Development, we do more than build new houses.  We have decades of experience with all aspects of home building, from the smallest addition to a complete strategy for your lot, even if that means razing a structure to the ground at rebuilding with a new vision.

Renovations & Additions

Renovate. Add on. Evolve your space.

Lived in and loved, your home can evolve with you. Need more living space? Are you looking to adapt to age or changes in health? Special places to gather with your family, nurture a hobby, or stay in shape? A custom renovation or addition can improve the livability of your home and enhance the existing structure. Your Home Enhancement can be a re-design of an existing space to accommodate your current lifestyle & needs or adding new desired space with a special purpose. Specialty rooms may include an enclosed pool, sewing or craft room, wine cellar, theater room, pantry, fitness or yoga space, and prayer area!

kitchen with wood cabinets

Kitchen Renovation

Raze & Rebuild

Tearing down to begin again.

Some of the most desirable home sites already have a structure. We can help you decide whether to work with the existing home, or raze it and build anew.

Essentially, razing is demolition of an existing structure. Adhering to strict safety codes and industry best practices, we do this in a controlled and efficient method, most commonly with large mechanical hydraulic equipment. Where green building is employed, another means to raze a structure is by contained fire. And then the real excitement begins: building your new home–a fresh start.

before and after images of an old house rebuiltbefore and after images of an old house revuilt

Canandaigua Lake Raze & Rebuild