Malvern Hills ~ An Exquisite Luxury Custom Home Community in Pittsford, NY

From this vantage point, life is beautiful.

Available building lots in Malvern Hills, Pittsford

Welcome to Rochester, NY’s most majestic home community, Malvern Hills. Ketmar Development Corporation is the exclusive developer of new homes at this exceptional location which greatly resembles its namesake in the Midlands, England. Commanding one of the highest elevations in the town of Pittsford, the vistas in every direction are simply breathtaking. Walking paths connect the 89 acres that include 47 acres of green space.

Malvern Hills architectural details are uniquely initiated for each individual client. No two custom homes are alike and our neighborhood is deliberately diverse in style. From the onset, Marie Kenton, our President, works personally with each of our clients to learn what priorities and desires are driving their concept of home.

Building Here:

Epping Wood Trail

We have only remaining custom home building lot on Epping Wood Trail in Pittsford. This gorgeous lot is 1.187 acres, coined “Witt’s End,” as it has been the home of Ketmar’s office since the inception of the Malvern Hills community. The current structure there is a 3 car garage with a walkout lower level and second story as well. The home will be built to attach to this garage. There is a minimum of 3500 square feet for the first, second and lower levels required for Epping Wood Trail. The images below are an example of a home design we developed specific for this lot and existing structure but there is absolutely the option to freshly redesign this home.

Lot 106 “Witt’s End” AVAILABLE
1.187 acres
Please contact Marc Mingoia 301.5326 for an in-depth tour of the existing structure and building lot.

Bromsgrove Hill

Bromsgrove Hill’s last lot for building a custom home has been reserved. We welcome you to explore our remaining custom home building lots at Epping Wood Trail, Evesham Place or Hawkstone.

Lot 311 “Windrush” RESERVED
1.081 acres

We also invite you to explore Evesham Place, an exclusive private drive located off Thornell Road. This private drive will be home to four exquisite, custom designed and built homes. The private drive connects to Malvern Hills by means of extensive walking trails through the entire community’s 43 acres of green space.