Our Design-Build Process
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The Design Build Concept is the most successful approach to building or renovating a special home for our client. From the onset, WE LISTEN TO ASK our client questions about their goals, needs and wants.

  1. Introductions
Our homes wouldn’t be the known for their quality and level of finish without excellent planning and communication. Marie Kenton, Founder and co-Owner of Ketmar takes the lead from Real Estate Salesperson, Marc Mingoia, in working with new prospects. She meets to discuss what the objectives are for a project: floor plan, finish level, architectural genre, site and location. As each project Ketmar initiates is truly a unique blueprint, plans and photographs of our prior projects may allow us to “cherry pick” ideas to encompass in a new design. It may be helpful for Marie to visit your existing home to get a feel of the likes and dislikes, room proportions and changes that you might envision.

After outlining the design and financial goals that are the target, one can make a decision as to whether they are realistic and if so, a design-build agreement may be agreed upon or a lot reservation accepted if building on one of Ketmar’s lots.

  2. The Design Team
Once Ketmar is engaged, the recommended architect for the project will begin meeting with the client and Ketmar to enable him/her to develop a preliminary plan for the project. Simultaneously, Marie will continue to get your feedback about finishes and will create customized written specifications to accompany the plan for construction. We will schedule meetings with the kitchen designer, landscape architect, and Ketmar’s Design Assistant, Melissa Sargent, to help determine the materials that will be utilized and incorporated into the design.
  3. Budget Confirmation
After the preliminary plan is complete together with the written specifications, Marie can estimate the cost for construction to confirm that the project is still within the target range. Pricing may include several a la carte options so that you can make choices and place the value of your investment where it is most important to you. Sometimes there may be changes to lower the budget after this check point as rarely does one not want to include everything on their wish list at the onset. Ketmar’s job is to help sort the priorities and to shop for the best value for the client. Once the design and pricing for the project is acceptable to you, the architect will begin to draw the final building plan for the building permit. Upon its completion, pricing will again be re-confirmed to ensure that the final structural detail is still within the target.
  4. Selections
The selection process is where personal style meets Ketmar knowledge. Flooring, trim, colors and other design details add true character to each space. With so many options to choose from, selecting the materials and finishes for your new home can seem a bit overwhelming. And Melissa Sargent, our Design Assisant, is here to help liberate your creativity and make the selection process enjoyable.

As you finalize the floor plans and elevations with Marie Kenton and the architect, Melissa starts a parallel path in gathering materials for flooring, wall finishes, trim carpentry, etc. We source most of our items from local suppliers and some specialty items online. Melissa will complete drawings for the built-in cabinetry throughout the house so that our construction team envisions and literally sees the final product as you do.

While most selections are made right at our showroom, we also travel with you to choose tile, stone and plumbing fixtures, etc. Anticipating lead times for product delivery, each visit with we have a purpose so that our timeline is always on track.

If you choose to work with an Interior Designer as well, we will coordinate their input so design opportunities that evolve are implemented in a timely manner. And however we work together, she’ll provide you with a schedule detailing when decisions and selections must be made in order to keep your project on schedule.

  5. Building on Ketmar’s Sites
When a client decides to build at Evesham Place, Malvern Hills or Hawkstone at Malvern Hills, Ketmar will transfer the lot Ownership to the Client prior to commencement of building. The Client will then pay Ketmar in construction draws as work progresses.
  6. Our Contract
Ketmar’s Contract for Construction outlines the building timeframe, responsibilities of the Contractor and the draw schedule for work to be completed. It also describes the insurance coverage that is provided by Ketmar and our subcontractors and suppliers to protect the Client/Owner. We work with our clients in a way that best suits their needs, contact us for more details about our contractual options.
  7. Construction Management
After finalizing the plans and specifications, project management responsibility is passed to the Site Superintendent. He will be your main contact during construction and will meet onsite with you to review the building plans and site details. Our superintendents have forged relationships with a select group of subcontractors and suppliers who are capable of producing the quality of home we create. Our superintendent ensures that your project stays on track and oversees each phase of our building process. You’ll receive your very own construction key and your visits to the site will be warmly welcomed.
  8. Ketmar Warranty
Ketmar is a member in good standing of the Rochester Homebuilders Association and Marie serves on the Board of Governors. Ketmar abides by the warranty document prescribed by the RHBA in keeping with the laws of New York State. We view our warranty as advertising. We stand by and service our products after closing as a priority.